Begin Your Meditation Practice with Ease

I want to make it easier for you to make meditation a part of your life.

I've released 50+ guided meditations FOR FREE to help you sit down, slow down, take care of yourself, and build a fulfilling meditation practice.

The monthly new moon meditation and manifestation exercise helps you set intentions for the coming moon 🌕 cycle. You receive a 69-page digital manifestation journal for your practice.

You don’t need anything to get started—no equipment, special clothes, classes, or books.

Begin Meditating Now: Meditation, Mindfulness & Yoga Nidra

I help you make meditation a habit so you can destress, re-regulate around trauma, and relax.

Find your focus again with meditation.

Increase self-awareness.

Build a lifelong practice.

I'm a Certified Meditation Teacher and I offer guided meditations, private meditation instruction, mindfulness tips, a monthly New Moon 🌚 Meditation & Manifestation Practice, and yoga nidra.