The Destiny Architecture 27-Page Self-Care Planner and eBook

Your self-care is in disarray, forgotten, or not happening at all. So where do you start? Download this guide for a series of self-care journaling exercises and planner sheets you can use as a compass to guide you back toward a solid practice of self-care. 

Your success, happiness, and fulfillment in your life stem from the quality of your self-care. Have you been working so hard that you’ve put yourself on the back burner? Are you a burnt-out caregiver whose soul is begging them to come back to YOURSELF? Self-care isn’t selfish! You can’t pour from an empty well. 

Refill your well as you make self-care a priority with this 27-page self-care planner and eBook from coach, Reiki Master, and Meditation Teacher Heather Larson. 

Heather’s a mind-body wellness practitioner who’s been on a mission to help others root themselves in self-worth since 2014. That’s when she launched her Reiki business and named it “You Deserve Reiki.” Why? Because everyone coming to her at the time struggled with deserving to take time for themselves! 

YOU are the architect of your destiny and this starts with being the architect of your own self-care. 

Download this 27-page self-care planner and eBook with thought-provoking questions designed to help you dive deeper into your self-care. Up-level your self-care now and in the future as your life changes and your self-care will need to evolve. 

Add it to your toolbox as a skill. This process doesn’t expire! It’s available at any time. 

Here’s what you can work on during the process (and you don’t have to do every exercise or use every page of the planner, by the way!) 

  • Daily self-care plan
  • Self-care checklist 
  • Self-care assessment 
  • Gratitude Journal 
  • A gratitude exercise 
  • Counting life’s joys 
  • Assessing your comfort zone 
  • 30-day self-care challenge 
  • 7-day self-care challenge
  • Habit tracker 
  • Daily Mood Chart 
  • Weekly Mood Chart 
  • Make a self-care vision board (with a variety of concentrations like stress management, coping skills, meditation, nature, etc.) 
  • An exercise to help you practice self-compassion 

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