Reiki 1 Class Bonuses

I don't teach Reiki online, but did want to offer a series of free bonuses to students and those who are thinking of becoming students.

If that's you, this course will help you:

  • Decide whether Reiki is the path for you
  • Learn more about what Reiki 1 entails
  • Enrich your learning with more information about how to practice Reiki
  • Learn some Reiki history and background information
  • Practice self-Reiki
  • Begin to practice Reiki on those closest to you by exercising the 5 main Reiki boundaries.

Reiki is a Practice

Reiki is a spiritual path that will bring you healing energy, awareness of the body's energy centers, and connections with others.

You'll connect to Reiki, aka Source Energy.

You'll connect more deeply with yourself.

You'll connect more deeply with others on an energetic level and improve your relationships.

You'll bolster your healing journey through this life on Earth. 🌍

Enroll today for free

Do you love yoga? Crystals? Energy? Chakras?

Then Reiki 1 is for you!

Energy work is work we do on our energy body. It's done on a higher plane than body work.