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Really big fears

Talk to your fears — and don’t be nice.

Listen to Fearless 5 Podcast #15 here.

What is holding you back from applying for the job you want? This is where we can really dig into “Fear in the Field.” No matter what your field is — mine is obviously media — I am betting you have some fears. 

We aren’t going to talk about the petty stuff, like, “What will this job change mean for my schedule.” 

Let’s talk about the really big fears. 

You aren’t applying for that job because the constructs of society tell you you’re not enough. You have too many gaps in your resume or you need a college degree to get ahead… Which, honestly — means nothing in modern life and today’s economy. I wish I could return my college degree and get my credit score back. We all have gaps in our resumes and they are easily — and confidently — explained with some coaching. (I did this daily with clients when I did social work). 

I have literally coached ex-cons and former drug dealers on how to deal with such questions in job interviews. Ever been a drug addict on the streets for years? Selling crack isn’t a job skill. Sales managers aren’t going to hire you for that. Even Jay-Z knew that, hence he became a rapper. But we all can’t be Jay-Z. 

So when it comes to getting on your feet and getting rid of the Fear in the Field, talk to it. Say, “Hello, Fear. I see you’re hanging around. But you’re full of lies. I don’t believe you. I will prove you wrong, or at least try to. I AM good enough, I do have enough experience, and even if I don’t — I’m applying for this job. I am going to the audition. In fact, I’m going to leave you at home now, bye.” 

Then do your thing. Do it imperfectly. What’s the worst thing that can happen? So what if you do it wrong? They aren’t going to eat you or take away your first born. ALL that matters is you learn from the process of trying. Learn from the audition or job interview. I started vlogging and don’t know a thing about it. We can all laugh about that at a later date… Point is, I tried. And I keep trying. I hope you do, too. 

Fearless 5 Podcast #14 Show Notes

I know so many people who want to know all the answers before taking action. Life doesn’t work that way. 

You truly have to do things, screw them up, and then try again. 

I’m being serious. Listen to Fearless 5 Podcast #14 here.

Fear of doing it wrong means you’ll just never do it. You’re so afraid to do it because you think you have to have it perfect the first time out. If you wait for you to know how to do it perfectly, you may as well kiss it goodbye. Perfection keeps you stuck. 

The topic this week is “Fear in the Field.” Keep the perfection out of the field. 

Most of us who are entrepreneurs have no idea what we are doing or how we are going to do it. I don’t bring the fear into the field, whether it’s when I’m coaching, reporting, or running my business. If I don’t know how to do something, I reach out to someone, Google it, YouTube it, or buy a damn book about it. Or I just do it and screw it up and learn from it. I mess it up until I get it right. There are no mistakes — unless you don’t learn from it. 

One year, I applied for 92 jobs before I landed the 93rd one. It took me ALL of 2010 to get that job. I started it in January 2011 — and that was coming out of some bad economic times. But it changed my life in all the ways I wanted it changed. So it was worth it. 

I’ve coached a lot of job searchers. Let’s get into that tomorrow… 

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There is NO

such thing as perfect.

There now, do you feel better?

Fearless 5 Podcast #11 Shownotes

Check out the Fearless 5 Podcast Shownotes on the blog every Monday-Friday! The blog uploads on Anchor on Sundays. I upload ALL the episodes for you for the entire week so you can use them how you wish!

You can also listen on Spotify, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, and PocketCasts (at this time with more to be added soon).

~Coach Heather Larson — Certified Transformational Life Coach

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Week 3

It’s already week 3 of the Fearless 5 Podcast! Here’s episode #11!

Fearless 5 Podcast #11

This week’s topic is, “Fear in the Field!” 

Do you want a random topic each day, or do you like this “topic of the week” format I did last week and am doing again this week? Which do you prefer? I may mix it up next week… Let me know in the comments!

“Fear in the Field” is inspired by real-life events. Talking about fear on the Fearless 5 podcast is one thing, but what happens when the podcast is over and you walk out the door? What happens when you are taking action steps towards your dreams? FEAR. And this is cheesy and cliche, but fear has a couple meanings: Fear Everything And Run — or — Face Everything And Rise. 

So which is it? Which one do you want it to be?

There’s also False Evidence Appearing Real. (Enough with the acronyms now).

I’m not saying your fears aren’t valid. I’m just saying feel the fear but do it anyway. Don’t let your fears win. Don’t let them run you or make you feel like you are less than. Make the voice of your higher self stronger than the voice of your fears. Your fears are full of lies anyway. 

Last week, as a journalist, I went to interview people at the “American Idol” auditions where I live — in Wichita, KS. I’ve covered “American Idol” off and on since 2002; I attended the finale shows in 2002 and 2003. This show was a HUGE deal then — back when we had crappy Nokia phones, texting was new, and Twitter was still a twinkle in Jack Dorsey’s eye. BUT — I had never gotten to go to American Idol auditions as a reporter before, so 2002 Me was psyched! 

Knowing I’d want to talk to people in line about the subject of fear for this podcast, I asked every single person if they were afraid. Every single person said, “Yes!” How intimidating for a singer and musician, am I right? All your dreams hang on the few minutes you’re about to get before one of the “American Idol” producers! I know there are people who go to “American Idol” auditions and get stage fright. I’m sure if it were me, I’d have the biggest wet circles around my armpits. Gross. (I used to be terrified to sing in front of other people and maybe I’ll tell that story on next week’s Fearless 5 Podcast).

But Kelly Clarkson didn’t didn’t freeze up. She walked up to those producers and tried out like a damn diva and owned her talent. She walked up there empowered, I’m sure. I don’t know this for a fact. But I think it’s pretty obvious things worked out for her. But I wish I could go back to interview early-aughts Kelly and chat about fear… 

This week, let’s talk about conquering your fear in the field. Whether “the field” is an “American Idol” audition, job interview, going on a date, starting something new… We manage our fears in the field. We manage them by taking action, so we manage them in motion. Our feet are off the ground and we are moving. We are either moving forward or we aren’t. 

On podcast 12 (tomorrow), let’s hear from someone who ROCKED their “American Idol” audition… 

A thank-you blog! Also, a message if you're new here

I wholeheartedly thank you for being here.

Thank you for reading the blog, downloading the FREE ebook, “Time To Align,” and checking out all things Destiny Architecture. Thank you for peaking in at the Patreon. (TIA for joining it, too!) Thank you for being a part of something that is growing and expanding!

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know a few things. I’m a crazy cat lady with one currently geriatric cat. I work in radio/journalism and have for a long time.

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Here’s c. 2010 me with long hair, in the infancy of my spiritual awakening days of the late aughts, working in Phoenix radio!

I’m also pretty “hippy woo-woo” for lack of a better time. But say “woo-woo” and people get it. I”m a lightworker. I love crystals, books, tarot cards, and essential oils. Yes, I’m that type. But I also love science & facts. So don’t get it twisted.

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Fearless 5 Podcast Shownotes #9: Who are they?

Ok, who are “They?”

This is what we get into in Fearless 5 Podcast #9, which you can listen to here on Anchor. We just got added to PocketCasts; the podcast is also on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and RadioPublic. Not bad for being 10 episodes in! Each Fearless 5 Podcast is a mini-coaching session.

So, seriously, who are “They?”

You tell me! 

What is this, a life coach paradoxical, mind blast, you ask? Meh. Maybe. 

“They” are the voices in your head. 

“They” tell you what you should do, be, have. 

“They” are the voices of the people who raised you. 

“They” are the voices of society that tell you Netflix is a social connector and you’re weird for not having it.

“They” are your bosses or coworkers who are “happy” where they are. 

Chances are, if you’ve found THIS podcast, THIS life coach, and THIS website — 

You’re pretty tired of “them.” 

“They” are advertisers, marketers, and any other media message that tells you to consume. 

(I know, ironic when you realize I have been in the media since the 1990s in some capacity, year after year).

I’m going to tell you to do something different with your time today. I don’t want you to consume today (except for this podcast, ha!) 

Today, I want you to CREATE. 

Create another TV-free day and night. If you aren’t passively consuming for once, who are you? Don’t identify yourself with the labels like, “I’m Marvel not DC,” or “I’m Star Trek not Star Wars,” or “There are two kinds of people, Game of Thrones fans and…” 

Who are YOU? With unlimited time and NO TV, what do you create? Walks in nature? Time for fitness? Are you creating a blog (that’s what I did). Are you creating that business plan for the dream business you own and run that gets you out of working for other people? With evenings free, do you take a class? Any class — a college class, an online class, a class at your local library or recreation center… 

What PASSION do you pursue with extra time? 

Fearless 5 logo 10.jpg

Get more fearless

Pursue your passion.

Because pursuing passion takes time. It takes energy. Maybe it’s a local softball team or a salsa dance class. Maybe you need a trip to Guitar Center. Maybe you want to go back to school. 

Do that thing you want to do and stop letting the constructs of society hold you back. 

How will you spend your evening tonight? 

Fearless 5 Podcast #8 Shownotes

It’s a scary amount isn’t it? 

Time is money, and money is energy. 

You just figured out how much of YOURS goes to sitting and consuming. Sitting and watching. 

Now TV isn’t the enemy and we all have guilty pleasures. I’m not saying TV is the devil. Once in a while, I watch YouTube, but I am conscious about what I consume. I like to watch independent artists like myself, people who can benefit from me clicking “subscribe” or “thumbs up,” and people like myself who CREATE and aren’t household names and who I can support on Patreon even. 

Does Jennifer Aniston or Andrew Lincoln need my support? Nope. Does Ali Spagnola? YES! And you’ll love her videos too, if you go check them out. 

So now that we know how much time, money, and energy goes to your TV habit…and maybe even you went a night without TV or Netflix and didn’t die, let’s really get some things figured out. 

Were you shocked by how much TV or screen time you spend? 

Can we agree you can probably cut back a few hours a week? 

And can we also agree that — in order to be fearless — you can not only cut back a few hours but DEDICATE those hours to something better? Like following a DREAM!?!?!?!?!?!

See, they want you to be numb. They don’t want you to follow your dream. They want you to be numbed with addictive screen behaviors, binge watching, and Standard American Diet eating…they want you to work your 40-hour-a-week job you hate with benefits. They want you sleeping. They want you complacent. They don’t want you putting your energy towards your dreams or pushing against the walls that hold you in. And yes, TV is one of those walls. It boxes you in and they like it that way. 

Who is “they?” We’ll identify “them” tomorrow. 

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More Fear-less

In just 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week!

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And when I say “community,” to be honest, it’s a place I am only just building. I’ve been building it for months. The Patreon has goals. I created it to give people who can only afford a little time or money each month a chance to enjoy some Destiny Architecture-style personal development. Money is funny — what is affordable to you may be the $3/mo Carnelian Tier or the $250/mo Diamond Tier. But at every level, my goal is to build community.

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Do you even know what crappy story you are living from that isn’t even from you? A story that you didn’t even choose? I’m talking about a story you made up and adopted as a child — and still carry with you! We all do it. Don’t feel bad. But the practice here is to become aware of it. Then we can change it.

So the Download of the Month on Patreon is yours at the Bloodstone Tier — or $10/mo tier. I post the download, then follow it up with a podcast you can use as a companion to it. Then you have a choice — because I’m all about choice — you can do the download, or listen to the podcast, or both.

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Tomorrow, I’m hoping to get the audio download posted that goes with the download, “Changing My Story.”

The idea behind the Patreon is that you are supporting me to reach my goal. The goal I am working towards is creating a Reiki ebook. Which you know I can do as I just posted a mini-ebook of 4,200 words last month!

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Fearless 5 Podcast #7 Show Notes

So since it’s Tuesday, technically this would be the day of this week you would listen to Fearless 5 Podcast #7 — IF you are listening to them each weekday as I designed them.

But, it’s totally OK if you do them all in a day, skip a day, or whatever. I make them for you to use however you want for your own personal growth. We know personal development doesn’t happen on schedule. It happens when you’re moved to make it happen. It happens when you make space for it. So, you do you, Destiny Architect. Just remember — YOU are the architect of your own destiny.

If I posted all the show notes at once like I do the podcast, the blog would be a hot mess. It’s also time consuming. So I’m posting them 1-2 per day during the week.

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This week

The Fearless 5 Podcasts should make you think, make you mad, and challenge you.

Here’s the show notes for Fearless 5 Podcast #7:

Listen to it here, on Anchor.

Hello, there. How did your TV-free night go? How did you fill your time? Did you work on your dream instead? Did you catch up with a friend? Did you sleep or go to the gym to escape a quiet house? Did you spend time with loved ones? Did you “watch a movie” because, “Technically, that’s not something Coach Heather said I had to give up…” HA! 

How you responded to the challenge says a lot about where you are, what you’re ready for, and what you’re willing to do in order to live a fearless life. Sit with that today. Did you dive in or did you make an excuse? Did you whine? Did you give a cop out? You know what you did. You know how you responded. Now what? 

Most people can’t sit with the silence of not having a TV on or Netflix to watch. Most of society works, comes home, eats the Standard American Diet, and thing binge watches something on a screen until bed time. Now, it’s multiple screens. You’ve got Netflix on while you surf on your iPad and “connect” via social media. 

If you’re the person who eats the SAD and goes full-zombie in front of a TV nightly, I may not be the coach for you. Unless you’re tired of that life, in which case, I am EXACTLY the coach for you. 

Society has pressured you into that lifestyle where you are over-connected and yet feeling completely unconnected and not at all fulfilled. I realized this last week, when someone asked me if I watch Netflix. I said no, I don’t watch TV. You should have seen their face! They looked at me like I was a lepper! Like they were thinking, “OMG what a puritanical crazy woman!” 

Perhaps, I am actually the sane one here. Here’s 3 steps to take: 

  1. How much are you paying for cable, internet, and “services” like Netflix. Write down the total dollar amount. 

  2. Now, look at how much your job pays you and how much you have to work to pay for the above. 

  3. Next, total up how much time you spend watching and consuming. How much time on screens. Are there two screens at once? More than that? 

That’s today’s challenge. Evaluate how much time, energy, and money goes into your “TV” habit. 

Listen to Fearless 5 Podcast #7 here.

At this time, it’s on Anchor, Spotify, RadioPublic, and Google Podcasts.

Top Destiny Architecture Life Coaching Blogs of Summer 2019

I was OUT for July, like dead. But there were still a few blogs I wrote that you loved. Thanks for the love! Since, due to illness, I didn’t do a “Top Blogs of July” like I normally would, I’m lumping summer into one. So I’m combining your most favorite blogs of July/August as we begin the first week of September.

First, an honorable mention —

It wasn’t a blog but a page well-visited. The “Courses” page got some love! It wasn’t top-five, but it was close.

REiki Room 2017.JPG

Learn Reiki 1

and more courses coming soon

Your #5 Fave blog of the summer was the very first Fearless 5 Podcast Show notes:

Fearless 5 logo.jpg

1st F5 podcast

I’d wanted to get this going for a couple years!

Your #4 Fave thing was this blog about my skincare journey…

Yeouth Vitamin C Serum review! DestinyArchitecture.com.jpg

This journey

Is not over…glad to see you love skincare as much as I do!

The #3 most popular summer blog related to my illness in July and how I answered a common question…

Every master was once a disaster..jpg


When we came to this planet, we healers didn’t know what we were in for

Your #2 most favorite Destiny Architecture thing of Summer 2019 was…”What I’ve Learned From Six Years of Sobriety.”

6 year sober me .JPG

Still clean & sober…

…after all these years. And oddly y’all were into my story! Thanks!

And the MOST-READ thing wasn’t a blog at all! WHAT!?!?! Ok, you are really into reprogramming your subconscious mind and I LOVE IT!

Currently, I have it on sale for $3.33 — so you know what to do! And if you get stuck, let me know.

Fearless 5 Podcast #6 Show Notes

All the Fearless 5 podcasts are up for the week on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and RadioPublic. You can check ‘em out daily this week or all at once — it’s your choice — here on Anchor.

This week, there is a theme. I’m asking you to do something most people can’t or won’t do because they find it terrifying. This is exactly why I hope you do it and play along with me!

Fearless 5 logo 7.jpg

A daily podcast

Five minutes (or likely more) of FEARLESSNESS for your workweek!

Fearless 5 Podcast #6 Shownotes:

Today, we’ll talk about unpacking & dissecting your fears — and your first challenge.

After much thought, I don’t know that I can help you unpack and dissect your fears in five minutes. But since I know I’m an amazing coach, let’s try. I’m making this podcast for the digital age — the no-attention-span-having and yet glued-to-a-screen age. 

Let’s begin with a challenge and the first thing you’re afraid of: SACRIFICE. 

What can you sacrifice in order to make a dream come true? 

I’m not saying you HAVE TO sacrifice anything in order to make your dreams come true. I’m just saying that I do this. It works for me only because I am WILLING to sacrifice certain things I like in order to obtain things I LOVE. I may like having X, but I don’t need it, and if I give it up — even for a bit — it may get me to Y faster. Sacrifice has always worked for me to obtain my dreams. Either I sacrifice money or time, or whatever it is. 

Fact is, we face economic trade offs. 

I prefer to put all my extra money into my business. This turned into me wanting more of that “extra money.” So I decided to give up some things. Sounds simple, right? 

Well, what if I tell you I gave up some things I enjoyed? But in comparison to my dream of being a business owner and, therefore, my own boss, those things paled in comparison? 

I’m talking about watching TV. I gave up watching TV so I could concentrate on my dreams. I’ve gotten amazing results and I don’t give a crap what’s on Netflix. I’ve gotten so much father so much quicker from spending my “TV time” on my business! 

So today, just for today, ONE DAY, I’m asking you to give up TV, Netflix, Hulu, Showtimes, HBO — whatever. Do NOT sit in front of a screen like a zombie tonight. 

Work on your dream instead. 

More on this tomorrow — and all week! 

Fearless 5 Podcast #3, 4, & 5 Shownotes

Fearless 5 logo 4.jpg

ALL of this week’s podcasts are done & up on Anchor for you to listen to!

Since recording #3 led to what I talked about in #4 and 5, I’ll compile the show notes for all three right here. Be sure to let me know if having the show noes is helpful or not in the comments.

Fearless 5 Podcast #3

So I’m a crazy person, have you heard? I have done all the things they warn you not to do. I’m the finger-in-a-light-socket person. Not literally, but you get the idea. Maybe it was stupidity in my youth, but I’ll just call it fearlessness instead. Friends know they can come to me because I’ve already tried some thing or gone down some path. 

Let me keep introducing myself… 

Hi, I’m Heather Larson and this is Week One, Episode 3 of my new podcast, Fearless 5! I’m a certified transformational life coach and I host this podcast so that you’ll listen to it weekday mornings for a day filled with more love and less fear. 

Let’s talk about some of the fearful things I’ve done. Listen!!? Still alive. You’re hearing me right now. Didn’t die! Cool! 

I packed all my crap and moved from Phoenix to Kansas when I was 31 and I’d never been there before. I just knew I wanted to get a morning radio job again. And I got it! 

I always wanted a Vespa, ever since I visited Catalina Island as a kid and saw the scooter life. I got one a couple years ago. I flew off that thing at 45 mph and never rode it again. But I tried it. And I wore a helmet. It was worth it. My ribs hurt for a month and I have a permanent scar on my arm. 

Lesson: Face your fears. But wear a helmet! 

I prefer solo travel. I prefer anything solo — I know this idea alone is enough to scare the crap out of most women. I’ve gone to concerts, movies, meals…all alone. I’ve traveled alone many times. I prefer it! 

I’m telling you all this because there are still things I am afraid of. Commit to a relationship? Buy a house? Now you’re talking crazy. But these are things I bet you have done; they are things I fear. I’ve done things you fear. 

Fear is funny like that. What one of us does fearlessly, another of us cannot fathom doing. Make the move? Or stay in safe harbor? That’s the question. 

Fearless 5 Podast #4

Here’s where I’m riffing a little more and going a lot less of my writing:

I quit my job on July 19th of this year with nothing to fall back on. I was just tired of getting sick all the time — this job was not in alignment with my goal of achieving optimal health for myself. 

There’s a lot of stuff out there online about how to quit your job. How much you should have saved for a cushion and blah blah blah. 

Have those people really DONE THIS? 

Fearless 5 Podcast #5:

More about quitting a job, facing fears, and the years of your life… Age. I mean age. For this one, it was completely inspired by the previous two podcasts. It just carries over. No pre-written idea here.

A quick #LOAMonday today!

This is going to be super quick as I’ve been up since 3:00 am…

First, #LOAMonday is going to change now.

I’d been attempting to get a new one up each Monday. But I have decided to change it up to make #LOAMonday the final Monday of the month (today!)

The reason for this is I need to work on other things. (Did you check out the new Fearless 5 Podcast yet?) I love the law of attraction but it’s not my main squeeze. I want it in here somewhere, but it’s not my focus. I’m not primarily an LOA coach. I am a transformational life coach — my breadth and depth is much wider than just LOA. I felt like my blog was starting to get too heavy on LOA.

Bigger things are coming, so this is just a shift.

Now onto this month’s edition of #LOAMonday!

Let’s talk about Aretha Franklin. But let’s not make assumptions or frame her in anything less than she deserves. She is a queen! Remember this in the comments, please.

I was stunned by this article today:


Aretha Franklin had nearly $1 million in uncashed checks in her purse when she passed on to Heaven? Wow!

This is where I won’t make assumptions about all that.

As for the LOA thoughts on this… I know I forgot to cash a check ONCE IN MY LIFE. It was a holiday bonus check that came stuffed in an envelope with another paystub that wasn’t an active check and I found it months later. (It was a tiny bonus, easy to miss).

Money neglect is SO NOT in alignment with LOA! We don’t forget our money!

I actually forgot I had $11 in my wallet a couple weeks ago, come to think of it… Sheesh.

So the moral of this LOA story is this:

Be on top of your money. Don’t forget your holiday bonus check or that you have $11 in your wallet. Honor and respect money and all it can do for you. I say this and I am bad at it, I admit it.

I recently found some old check stubs from a time when I was really young and made a lot of money for doing very little. It is shocking to see these years later and I forgot I had them. That money came at a time when I worked in a broadcast industry I can barely remember now. It seems so far away and foreign. I made bank for making 60-second commercials, for example. But you know what finding these artifacts made me do in the present?

I decided to start keeping paystubs in a binder so I can watch them grow and get better over time. I’ll have them in chronological order. Because, in LOA, what we focus on expands.

I think maybe Aretha Franklin had a way of doing this, too.

Fearless 5 Podcast #1

Fearless 5 podcast #1

Fearless 5 logo.jpg

What does your life look like without fear? 

Well, let’s get into this! What does your life look like without fear? It looks like LOVE. Fear and love cannot coexist, so it looks like LOVE. 

That’s the the simple answer, here’s the rest.

All that stuff you could do if you weren’t afraid to do it? You’ve done it and you have it in the version of you that lives without fear. The task is to become conscious of when fear is doing the talking. When is fear leading you? Is it when you’re procrastinating? Is it when you’re debating with yourself whether to do the thing or not? Whether to make the phone call or not? Whether to apply for the job or not? Sometimes, fear shows up as procrastination. 

I am learning in my own life fear also shows up as worry or lack of faith.

How does fear show up for you? 

What even makes me qualified to riff on fearlessness for 5 minutes a day? 

Hi, I’m Heather Larson, certified transformational life coach and Reiki Master. I’m also a former fear addict. Come to think of it, I’m also a former addict! I actually started this website years ago on my website, DestinyArchitecture.com. I posted ONE episode. It’s still there, too. I’m afraid to listen to it. I think I was afraid to keep it going. I think I was just overwhelmed. 

But business has made me bold — three years into my life coaching business now and it’s time to bring back The Fearless 5 podcast. Or launch it for the first time. Whatever. Point is, it’s never too late to start something. It’s never too late to return to a great idea. I started it, I left it, I’m returning. And we’re all better off for it. 

Because I want this podcast.

They say entrepreneurs have a task of solving a problem, whether for self or others…or something like that. I am solving my own problem here. I love to wake up in the morning and listen to a podcast as I get ready for work. Rapidly. I get up at 3:00 am. I’m an insane person. But I don’t have the TIME to listen to a “Fearless 50-minute long” podcast. I have about 5 minutes. I wanted this podcast for ME so I’m going to make it for YOU. Make sense? 

I just wanted something to listen to for five minutes to get me into the right MOOD and MINDSET for the day. I’ve also been accused of being a “cheerleader” in life and in my social work past many times… Clearly, it’s a skill. 

Oh yeah, I did social work. I battled my own demons of mental health and addiction in the past. I’ve been clean and sober since 7-1-13 and intend to stay that way. No I don’t do “steps” or consider myself in a state of constant recovery — never reaching the point of actually recovered from a “disease.” 

I’ve also worked in radio for 21 years. I still work in radio. I’ve been a journalist and a morning show personality and producer. I currently do news. Talk about being fearless. Be a journalist. Everyone hates us now. Everyone hates “the media.” We are blamed for what we DO and DON’T report. We are thrown under the bus by the Internet and world leaders. We are also violently killed. I don’t get threats. I just get trolled on social media. 

Maybe, the question should be, “What would you do if it would never get trolled on social media?’

So this is probably 5 minutes or MORE. I am writing these first in an attempt to gather my thoughts — otherwise there is no WAY I can just riff for only 5 minutes. I’ll chatter too much and this will be too long. 

The Fearless 5 podcast will be somewhere around 5 minutes each day, Monday through Friday. I am debating with the idea of uploading them all at once on a Sunday, though I took so much self-care time today, I ran out of time to do that. And that’s a good thing; I’ll never regret a quiet Sunday of self-care time. Working too much? Oh, I’ve regretted that in the past. I thought it might be cool for you if all the podcasts are available on a Monday morning. Then you just have them. You can use it how you want, listen to one a day, or all at once, or whatever. 

I am kinda starting the Fearless 5 (again) without being ready. I didn’t make it a cool, new graphic. I didn’t make it a dedicated page on my website. I could actually make this writing portion a blog post! I’m going to try a new podcast app I’ve never tried before and I don’t know how it works, or when the podcast will be online for you, or where. I believe in conquering all the stupid fears and just doing it anyway. This is how I started vlogging — or anything I do. It was how I started radio broadcasting in 1998… Begin before you’re ready and while you’re still afraid and lost. Do it, fuck it up, fail — but keep going. 

So what does your life look like without fear? 

Well, it looks like all that stuff on your vision board. If you have a vision board. If you don’t make one. 

Until I’m picked up on all the podcast services, I’m on Spotify today, or you can listen on Anchor:


A meditation with stones that became a transmission I'm called to share

What the stones say:

Allow me to explain starting with this photo of me writing down this transmission longhand. I’m working with aventurine stones (among others) to facilitate my healing. This transmission JUMPED through to the page as I held each of these stones. It came through strongest when I held the biggest stone, go figure. This isn’t something that’s happened to me before, but I’ll hold space it happens again. It’s an important message from Mother Earth and it will get to the right people. And yes, as always, reading a lot of Diane Stein… I use the terms “Mother Earth” and “Gaia” interchangeably below.

Allow me to explain starting with this photo of me writing down this transmission longhand. I’m working with aventurine stones (among others) to facilitate my healing. This transmission JUMPED through to the page as I held each of these stones. It came through strongest when I held the biggest stone, go figure. This isn’t something that’s happened to me before, but I’ll hold space it happens again. It’s an important message from Mother Earth and it will get to the right people. And yes, as always, reading a lot of Diane Stein… I use the terms “Mother Earth” and “Gaia” interchangeably below.

I love how Diane Stein describes stones as, “The bones of Mother Earth.” I need the bones of my mother. I need the strength, power, and permanency of Gaia right now — even as the Amazon burns. Especially as the Amazon burns. Gaia gave us her bones on loan so we could heal and get stronger to face that violent world that is hurting her — hurting us. We can pray for the Amazon all we want, but Mother Earth needs us to get strong and pray for her by re-calibrating with her bones in our hands.

This came to me as I held one of her bones — an aventurine I’ve had for years. What are the stones saying to you?

I’m out here studying stones.

~Ani Di Franco

The stones are blessings and we more than deserve the healings and messages etched onto them. Yours are screaming for you to put them in your hands and receive their message! Don’t literally eat them — but they are nourishment right now. Because the Amazon is burning. As you sit looking at a gorgeous aventurine, trust that Mother Earth’s wisdom is in her bones, completely transferrable to you — your mind, your spirit, your body, and soul. From Gaia’s bones to yours, she speaks her wisdom through her beauty. What do her bones tell you?

We used to meditate on peace. Today, Gaia wants us to meditate for change. For rain — torrential, flooding deluge — or whatever can do the job. Fluid will do the job. Flow will do the job. Mother Earth’s bones are made of stones, but she is still mostly FLOW — mostly water. That “blood” must continue to pump.

This is just a transmission. Your soul always knows the truth.