Can you block off 30 minutes a day to work on your dream?

The reason why I am asking...

This is how I spent my 30-minute lunch break at work today. I showed this website to my coworker. I'd worked on it and messed with it endlessly yesterday, but it just wasn't right. Mostly, I spent time learning how to use the CMS. My coworker pointed out what was not right yet -- it's amazing what a second set of eyes can do! That gave me the boost I needed to keep working towards a better, clearer site today.

I set up the pages, re-did the blog, and set up the navigation during my 30-minute lunch break at work. Since it was a short amount of time, I cut through the putzing and knew I'd want to set up the basic skeleton of the site immediately. That's just what I did. It's now a basic site and, I add proudly, coworker-approved!

I'm starting the digital aspects of my coaching practice as I work on my certification. That means I am going to school as I create a website, products/services, a blog, and a podcast. I pondered out loud how I didn't mean to put the site out to the world just yet, but why not?

My coworker said, "How soon do you want to make money?"

Boom! That hit me between the eyes! How soon do I want to make money? Why wait?

When starting something new, we can get bogged down in a few waste-of-time things:

  • Fear
  • Perfection
  • Procrastination

What am I afraid of? Releasing something "imperfect" to the world? Is that why I procrastinate? Do I doubt myself? Do I feel I am not ready? What would happen if I have my life coaching website up and working? I may just get clients! That's the goal!

Ask yourself what is holding you back.

What do you fear? Failure? Success? Are you waiting for conditions to be "perfect?" If you are procrastinating, what makes you do that? Is it due to fear? Do you doubt yourself?

What if you just boldly take a step forward each day? What if you only spend 30 minutes on that dream? What if you dedicated 30 minutes a day to achieving a goal? Certainly you can block out 30 minutes. It's not just 30 minutes you spend on that dream. It's 30 minutes you say no to fear and doubt. It's a block of time when you cast out judgement of self and of your work. Just do. Just create. Do it like no one is watching and like everyone is watching. Who cares? It's your goal.

You know what is worse? Not doing it.