4th of July SALE!

In the spirit of celebration and because I absolutely LOVE the 4th of July, I'm having a huge sale! Thought I'd go with some insane deep discounts on Reiki and Life Coaching since this sale will only run through Wednesday, 7/5.

First of all, practice some self-care and book a distance Reiki session for just $17.76! (See what I did there?) I'd LOVE for more people to try Reiki so I can spread more positive, meditative energy into the world. Reiki is a traditional Japanese energetic healing art that promotes healing.

Second of all, I thought you may like a chance to save on my services. Like, really save. So I knocked about 50% or more from coaching sessions and packages -- again -- through Wednesday 7/5!

So yeah, you could end up with 20 life coaching sessions for just $500 right now! And if you're that serious, you have until 3/31/18 to use them all!

Three life coaching sessions with a Reiki session just $170!

If you've never had a coaching session before, or simply never worked with me, I have an amazing sale on a first time, introductory session just $29!

So you get shopping and let's get going! Work on yourself! Give yourself this gift! You're going to feel great, you'll get an edge on any perceived competition, and we'll have some fun. I can't wait to help you grow. I'm here to support you on your journey.

You can email anytime at destinyarchitecture@gmail.com or call 1-800-390-6495.

~Heather Larson

Certified Life Coach & Reiki Master

Wichita, KS