Flex Your Abundance Muscle!

I'm going to share with you my personal practice for prosperity & abundance, which I will add, is ever-evolving! I am finding the current edition of the ritual puts me in the best mood. In case you don't know, being in a great mood is important when you are working to attract more abundance into your life. What you are feeling can raise or lower your vibration. A better mood means a higher vibration -- you don't attract what you think, you attract what you feel.

Living life at a higher vibration means you are constantly attracting abundance into your life.

Flexing your abundance muscle is a lifestyle change. You know how experts say, "Diets don't work?" The same is true with your abundance & prosperity practice! You have to practice. It's an exercise!

Hence, I'm calling this, "Flexing Your Abundance Muscle," and for social media purposes the hashtag is #FYAM.

Let's do this challenge together and share what we are manifesting. It can be anything and everything! I believe I can manifest a piece of chocolate as heartily as I believe I can manifest $10,000.

So let's do this! Time to start flexing!

Step 1 -- Affirmations

Repeating affirmations is something we can do 2-3 times a day to begin to change our mindset into a more positive one. Remember, the goal here is to boost how we feel so we are able to attract bigger and better things into our lives.

  • I always have more than enough money.
  • I am a tremendous success.
  • I am now earning an abundant & prosperous living doing what I love!
  • I am a smart money manager & I always make smart financial decisions.
  • I am a creative money generator!
  • I am a money magnet!
  • I am happy, healthy, and fully alive!
  • I am full of love!

Step 2 -- Change Your Phone Lock Screen Daily

Forget how this sounds for a minute. Just the fact that you are changing your phone's lock screen daily to a photo that symbolizes abundance forces you to take a minute to concentrate on what you are manifesting. It can be a photo of a sports car, a status purse, stacks of cash, or whatever. It can be a word like, "Freedom," or simply, "money." Then your fresh reminder for the day is there whenever you look at your phone. It's seeping into your consciousness daily.

Save this as your phone's lock screen background!

Save this as your phone's lock screen background!

Step 3 -- Brainstorm a DAILY Vision Board!

What this means to me right now is I take daily time to screen shot photos of what my ideal life contains. I visualize having these things and I have fun doing it! They include photos of vacation destinations, the kind of vehicle I want to drive, the kind of furniture I want to own, and my dream home. Go wild! Vision as though there are no limits because there aren't any! Nothing is too big or wonderful to take place. What do you have to lose by dreaming huge dreams? Nothing. Make your visions grandiose.

If it feels difficult to create a grand vision for your life, then you are encountering your first block! Go back to your affirmations and punch them up a bit if you want or simply repeat them.

(If you need help with visioning BIG or clearing blocks, I just happen to specialize in that as a certified life coach and Reiki Master!)

You can also join my Vision Boarding Facebook group for tips and motivation.

Step 4 -- Make Your Abundance Action Plan

It sounds dreamy doesn't it? Repeat affirmations and make a vision board then it all comes in, right? Nothing happens without action though! TAKE ACTION! Pray and move your feet. Ask yourself, "What can I do to create more abundance right this second?" Then make your to-do list.

What's the action plan for today?

  • Is there a side hustle you can work on?
  • Is it coming up time for your annual review at work and you want to ask for a raise and need some practice? Practice on a friend or family member! Feel that raise coming your way!
  • Take a class or attend a webinar about financial planning.
  • Read a book about mastering wealth.
  • Share your abundance with others! Make a meal for friends. Give a gift.
  • Create more energy of abundance in your life with radical self-care. Take that yoga class, buy that smoothie, work on that meal plan, take that bubble bath, and make that doctor's appointment!

What can you do today to feel like you're taking action towards your financial goals? Share your ideas in the comments!

Step 5 -- Meditate On Money!

Visualize that money! Visualizing physically holding the cash in your hands. How does it feel? How does it smell? Feel the crispness of it. Feel how much there is. Count it. Visualize what you will purchase to treat yourself. Visualize how you will use it to treat your family and friends. Visualize doing GOOD with that money and blessing others. What is your favorite charity? Can you help a friend or neighbor in need? Can you donate to a great cause in your community? How will you use all that wealth as you receive it? Give it thought and visualize using that cash as a tool!

Step 6 -- Fill In The Pages of Your Gratitude Journal!

This is has been written about everywhere so I'll be brief. An attitude of gratitude brings abundance! Duh! There is always something to be grateful for every day no matter your situation. If you lose the gratitude, you lose your hope. If you've never done a gratitude journal before, start by writing down 100 things you are grateful for. The purpose of this exercise is to get you thinking about every single thing, big or small, that you feel gratitude for having. You have at least 1,000 things to be grateful for! So writing down 100 as fast as you can shouldn't be too hard!

Step 7 -- Clutter Clearing

Clear the clutter! Nature abhors a vacuum! All that new stuff you desire can't come in until you make room for it.  Having too much stuff around makes you disorganized and confused. All that clutter takes up space that stops the flow of energy and abundance. You know how nothing feels better than a clean home? That's the feeling we are after! Remember it's what you feel that attracts your prosperity into your life!

So take a look in the cupboards and dump the expired stuff. Look under the couch and in between the cushions. Clean the base boards and vacuum the corners. Dust. Burn some sage and bless your home. Put out something that smells good. Do what it takes in your home to uplift your soul!

How do you practice prosperity in your life? How do you keep an abundance mindset? Leave a comment to share with others!