Which visuals are you using to increase the flow of abundance in your life?

Day 2 of the August 2017 Flex Your Abundance Challenge, #FYAM, at Destiny Architecture!

This blog post should really be titled, "Here life coach Heather Larson makes the case as to why it's important to change your lock screen photo daily."

What is your phone lock screen? What is your computer's desktop background? Chances are it's someone we love that's already in our life like our kids or our pets. For example, mine is often my kitten, Roo.

I've created and accumulated some backgrounds with abundance intention in them too. I love this one that says both, "I am wealthy," and, "I am a money magnet." (Yes, I made it; I make all my own graphics).

You can create your own with affirmations like:

  • I am abundant.
  • Great ideas and opportunities to make more money are always coming to me.
  • I practice an attitude of gratitude, ensuring even more good flows to me.
  • Or create some of your own. (Leave yours in the comments).

I know -- I am hammering the affirmations in the first two days of this Flex Your Abundance Muscle Challenge. So what gives?

This little exercise isn't so much about the affirmations as it is about the power of intention. It takes mere seconds to change that phone lock screen. But you'll see it all day long. How many times are you looking at your phone daily? Each of those times, you can let some abundance consciousness seep in!

This is also why I love to make individualized graphics for my coaching clients after our sessions together. I always come up for affirmations for my clients! I love to email them a custom graphic they can use as a phone lock screen after our session. It's nice to have a constant reminder of what you are working on in your life. That's just one of the perks of being my client!

I believe taking a moment each day to change that lock screen keeps you conscious of what goals you are working towards. It's a commitment each morning to remind yourself, "Right now I am changing my lock screen to a visual of abundance to remind myself that I AM abundant! I am prosperous!"

So around 11am when your boss gets on your nerves, you can look at your phone and remind yourself you're onto bigger and better things...

It's not all about the phone!

There are other things you can do to improve your prosperity consciousness. They sound ridiculous until you start doing them. Then you begin to realize each little effort means something and literally pays off.

Finding change

Even if you find only a penny, that's money. Celebrate it. With each penny you come across, pick it up and say out loud, "I am a money magnet!" (Or say it in your head if others are around).

Keep that change too. People who throw out pennies are literally throwing away money! That is lack consciousness. Would you throw away a $5 bill? No! Because it's money -- and literally a cappuccino somewhere. So why would you throw a penny away? I like to remind myself all money is money and money is for me. I love money. I find money everywhere.

What does your wallet look like?

Is it a mess? Is it full of expired coupons? Are there old business cards and items that need to be shredded?

Or is your wallet full of bills, current cards, and change?

I have found most people with good prosperity consciousness to have neat wallets. Their bills are in order with all bills facing the same way. Personally, the thing with the bills is huge for me. I do it to all bills I come across, even if I am counting money in a business setting. It shows a respect for money. Taking care of your money shows the Universe you honor what you have been blessed to receive.

I know these sound like superstitious things. Done consistently over time, they help to really change your consciousness. I found that making my bills all face the same way made me enjoy handling money more. I see it as a tool to be respected. Prior to that, I had looked at money as "dirty."

Oh, there will be more from me on this! This is only day two of the Flex Your Abundance Challenge, #FYAM!

If you are taking part, pick an affirmation to repeat as your mantra today. Do it while you wash the dishes or take a walk. Change that phone lock screen and face your bills the same way. Use the hashtag when you post about it: #FYAM.

Tell me in the comments what you think of today's post! How do you improve your prosperity consciousness? Do you have a favorite affirmation? What does your wallet look like? How do you plan to take action to improve your abundance consciousness today? I'm dying to hear!

Certified Life Coach Heather Larson
Wichita, KS