Flex Your Abundance Muscle Day 5 -- Take Action!

Fortune does favor the brave! Are you taking brave action towards achieving your dreams?

Fortune does favor the brave! Are you taking brave action towards achieving your dreams?

Day 5 of Flex Your Abundance Muscle Brings Us to Step 4

We did three steps already:

  1. Affirmations
  2. Change your phone lock screen daily (to harness the power of intention)
  3. Daily vision boarding

Now it's time for step four -- your Abundance Action Plan!

What are you actively doing towards reaching that goal of increasing abundance and prosperity into your life? Once the affirmations are said, you've picked out your abundant phone lock screen for the day, and you've gazed at your beautiful vision board, you know what comes next. It's time to take action!

What's on that to-do list? Are you saving money? Are you job-hunting? Are you clearing the clutter for a garage sale? Tell me!

If you're new to this, just doing the first few steps and solidifying your prosperity ritual may be enough. Working to change one's consciousness from lack to abundance is a task in itself. Society rears us to lean toward lack. Debbie Downers and complainers get attention. Those with abundance receive the side eye and jealousy. It's not the right way at all!

We are here to change that! Ignore the Debbie Downers. Don't let energy vampires come to you and dump their mess. I come from the standpoint of, "It's OK to have money!" Beliefs like "money is dirty" or "only bad people get ahead" do nothing but hurt us. Society teaches us to suspect the rich and side with the poor -- while throwing cheap pity towards those impoverished and resentment towards "the 1%." That is lack consciousness! It takes work to realize when we operate from it. It takes even more work to change it. 

So if merely working to up-level your consciousness is your action plan, it's more than all good!

What if you want a better job and wish to return to school for more training? What are you taking action to do today that is going to get you closer to that first day of school?

Say you want to save up for a new car. How are you cutting expenses and increasing savings?

That's your action plan. What are you DOING? What's on your to-do list? Are you breaking those tasks down into manageable bites and keeping your expectations real?

Good job!

Don't know where to start?

I can help! I'm a transformational life coach. It's my joy (and my job) to help guide you towards being the person you want to put out into the world. We can work on blocks towards abundance. Are you needing to move forward and abandon society's cheap and shallow expectations that only keep you stuck?

Are you just not sure where to start? We can start with a values check, some personality tests, or just chat until I can pinpoint what area of your life you can work on now in order to bring you more happiness quickly. I'm here to empower you! Get in touch and ask me how I can help today!

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