Fearless 5 Podcast #34: You can change BEFORE your life sucks.

The point this week is to be honest and real. It’s also to address how much fears can hold us back OVER TIME. 

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If life…

Gives me lemons, I’m going to want to buy an RV and run away.

Before you know it, you’re calculating the years you have left and what you can do in that time. 

I have friends who started RV full-time in their golden years. They worked for it a long time and were big planners. They went slowly and methodically, getting rid of possessions, putting things in storage, giving their house to their kids… They had lived in that house their entire marriage. For decades! Moving into an RV full-time was a huge step. My friends began to leave their daily grind, which as elderly people, was volunteer work and part-time jobs for enrichment. 

They made some trips and loved the RV life they had always wanted. It was awesome! I had teased them I was going to live vicariously through them since I wanted that too and I followed their journey on their Facebook page about their travels. Then my friend got sick. He got throat cancer. They had to stop RV’ing and returned to Wichita for his chemo and surgeries. They rented an apartment and got through it. My friend lost his voice for a while, but most importantly, he lost the ability to live his travel dream for a while. 

That’s life. You finally get what you want and then get cancer. Or you’re 25 and your mom gets sick, but a month and two days later she’s dead and you have a genetic time bomb ticking for you and your family. My uncle died at age 56 of CJD four years after my mom’s death. So by 2008, I was shell shocked and ready for change. 

That’s when the economy crashed. 2009 found me moving into a glorified studio apartment while the company I worked for furloughed us. I made it. Barely. Those familiar economic signs are there. (Sorry, to my millennial and Gen Z listeners who haven’t endured it before, but it’s coming). It made me question a lot of things and by 2010, I decided I needed to get back into doing morning radio and that I was ready and willing to move anywhere in the world in order to do it. That’s how I ended up where I am now — Kansas. 

And back to our original topic this week — or one of them — don’t wait until life gets so crappy that you HAVE to make a change.

This is how years go by. Choose your own adventure. Remember, YOU are the architect of your own destiny. Choose now. Choose while things are good or boring. Chose your fate before you are forced by life. Do it if you can. Growth comes out of misery, believe me. But it doesn’t have to. 

Get congruent with your goals and values. Personally, I don’t want to give myself only my golden years to go RV’ing. I may not make it that far. I’m being honest. I’m not trying to be depressing. This is real. I’ve hit a point NOW where I am afraid the next 15-16 years will pass like that last did. And I won’t get to do all I want in this life. It’s time for me to make some crazy moves. 

Don’t wait.