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Really big fears

Talk to your fears — and don’t be nice.

Listen to Fearless 5 Podcast #15 here.

What is holding you back from applying for the job you want? This is where we can really dig into “Fear in the Field.” No matter what your field is — mine is obviously media — I am betting you have some fears. 

We aren’t going to talk about the petty stuff, like, “What will this job change mean for my schedule.” 

Let’s talk about the really big fears. 

You aren’t applying for that job because the constructs of society tell you you’re not enough. You have too many gaps in your resume or you need a college degree to get ahead… Which, honestly — means nothing in modern life and today’s economy. I wish I could return my college degree and get my credit score back. We all have gaps in our resumes and they are easily — and confidently — explained with some coaching. (I did this daily with clients when I did social work). 

I have literally coached ex-cons and former drug dealers on how to deal with such questions in job interviews. Ever been a drug addict on the streets for years? Selling crack isn’t a job skill. Sales managers aren’t going to hire you for that. Even Jay-Z knew that, hence he became a rapper. But we all can’t be Jay-Z. 

So when it comes to getting on your feet and getting rid of the Fear in the Field, talk to it. Say, “Hello, Fear. I see you’re hanging around. But you’re full of lies. I don’t believe you. I will prove you wrong, or at least try to. I AM good enough, I do have enough experience, and even if I don’t — I’m applying for this job. I am going to the audition. In fact, I’m going to leave you at home now, bye.” 

Then do your thing. Do it imperfectly. What’s the worst thing that can happen? So what if you do it wrong? They aren’t going to eat you or take away your first born. ALL that matters is you learn from the process of trying. Learn from the audition or job interview. I started vlogging and don’t know a thing about it. We can all laugh about that at a later date… Point is, I tried. And I keep trying. I hope you do, too.