A thank-you blog! Also, a message if you're new here

I wholeheartedly thank you for being here.

Thank you for reading the blog, downloading the FREE ebook, “Time To Align,” and checking out all things Destiny Architecture. Thank you for peaking in at the Patreon. (TIA for joining it, too!) Thank you for being a part of something that is growing and expanding!

If you’re new here…

Allow me to introduce myself! I’m Heather Larson, a Certified Transformational Life Coach and Reiki Master. I’m based in Wichita, Kansas and provide coaching and Reiki here in Kansas as well as online. This here is my online business, Destiny Architecture. I named it that because YOU are the architect of your own destiny. No one else. YOU. You are responsible for your life and level of contentment.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know a few things. I’m a crazy cat lady with one currently geriatric cat. I work in radio/journalism and have for a long time.

me billboard.jpg


Here’s c. 2010 me with long hair, in the infancy of my spiritual awakening days of the late aughts, working in Phoenix radio!

I’m also pretty “hippy woo-woo” for lack of a better time. But say “woo-woo” and people get it. I”m a lightworker. I love crystals, books, tarot cards, and essential oils. Yes, I’m that type. But I also love science & facts. So don’t get it twisted.

I spend a lot of time creating content for Destiny Architects like yourself. I’m also available for coaching and Reiki sessions. I can do them online or in Wichita. But I only teach Reiki in person, never online. I don’t do online attunements!

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