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~Coach Heather Larson — Certified Transformational Life Coach

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Week 3

It’s already week 3 of the Fearless 5 Podcast! Here’s episode #11!

Fearless 5 Podcast #11

This week’s topic is, “Fear in the Field!” 

Do you want a random topic each day, or do you like this “topic of the week” format I did last week and am doing again this week? Which do you prefer? I may mix it up next week… Let me know in the comments!

“Fear in the Field” is inspired by real-life events. Talking about fear on the Fearless 5 podcast is one thing, but what happens when the podcast is over and you walk out the door? What happens when you are taking action steps towards your dreams? FEAR. And this is cheesy and cliche, but fear has a couple meanings: Fear Everything And Run — or — Face Everything And Rise. 

So which is it? Which one do you want it to be?

There’s also False Evidence Appearing Real. (Enough with the acronyms now).

I’m not saying your fears aren’t valid. I’m just saying feel the fear but do it anyway. Don’t let your fears win. Don’t let them run you or make you feel like you are less than. Make the voice of your higher self stronger than the voice of your fears. Your fears are full of lies anyway. 

Last week, as a journalist, I went to interview people at the “American Idol” auditions where I live — in Wichita, KS. I’ve covered “American Idol” off and on since 2002; I attended the finale shows in 2002 and 2003. This show was a HUGE deal then — back when we had crappy Nokia phones, texting was new, and Twitter was still a twinkle in Jack Dorsey’s eye. BUT — I had never gotten to go to American Idol auditions as a reporter before, so 2002 Me was psyched! 

Knowing I’d want to talk to people in line about the subject of fear for this podcast, I asked every single person if they were afraid. Every single person said, “Yes!” How intimidating for a singer and musician, am I right? All your dreams hang on the few minutes you’re about to get before one of the “American Idol” producers! I know there are people who go to “American Idol” auditions and get stage fright. I’m sure if it were me, I’d have the biggest wet circles around my armpits. Gross. (I used to be terrified to sing in front of other people and maybe I’ll tell that story on next week’s Fearless 5 Podcast).

But Kelly Clarkson didn’t didn’t freeze up. She walked up to those producers and tried out like a damn diva and owned her talent. She walked up there empowered, I’m sure. I don’t know this for a fact. But I think it’s pretty obvious things worked out for her. But I wish I could go back to interview early-aughts Kelly and chat about fear… 

This week, let’s talk about conquering your fear in the field. Whether “the field” is an “American Idol” audition, job interview, going on a date, starting something new… We manage our fears in the field. We manage them by taking action, so we manage them in motion. Our feet are off the ground and we are moving. We are either moving forward or we aren’t. 

On podcast 12 (tomorrow), let’s hear from someone who ROCKED their “American Idol” audition…