Coming up this month!

I am working on awesome new stuff for you, Destiny Architects!

Here's what's coming up for Fall 2017 in the Life Coaching world!

Here's what's coming up for Fall 2017 in the Life Coaching world!

This is it! This is the month!

I put off launching the Healing with Heather podcast because life got over-scheduled again, I didn't have time to make it perfect...blah blah. I just need to do it. So I'm going to do it. My schedule is never going to stop being insane. Things are always going to come up. So I'm just going to do it, start it, and let it evolve.

More to come...

Ahhhh, goals! New month, new goals!

Hard to think about in the summer heat when all we want to do is grill and lay by the pool. I hope you get to do both, by the way!

My goal last month was to write 30 blogs for the month of June. I didn't make it! And that is OK.

Why is it OK to not meet a goal, you ask?

Because I learned from it!

Here's what I learned from making this goal -- and not meeting it last month:

  • I ended up actually taking a full week off from life at one point in the month. I've been going hard starting this business and didn't want to burn out. I took a rest. I never used to do this. But now it's a must.
  • My original thought about 30 blogs in a month would have worked had I not taken the week off. The thought was that I'd go for volume rather than daily discipline. Now I've flipped my opinion on this. I think I'd rather go for daily blog writing discipline rather than a quota. If I miss a day, no big deal. If I miss two days, no big deal. But if I miss two days and I'm trying to hit a quota, I get backed up trying to meet it. For what? It's a self-imposed quota!
  • I decided I'd rather go for quality over quantity anyway. This hit me about halfway through the month. I have my editorial calendar set out, but then I'd get spontaneous creative ideas! I think I'd therefore rather take the editorial plan of Destiny Architecture on a day-by-day basis.

Oh, I still have an editorial calendar! I'm a life coach -- I have three planners total. I love planners. Creating an editorial calendar for this blog you are reading right now is my way of brainstorming and I love it. I'm a lover of a daily brainstorm. I love mind mapping. I love color coding my notes.

Maybe it's a sickness?


So what's the new goal for the month?

I have several. Though there aren't really any I am willing to share. That's OK. I'm going to take what I have learned and move forward.

If my personal values dictate quality over quantity, I shall work towards giving you quality blog posts rather than so many of them just to hit a self-imposed quota which I imposed for no good reason.

That's another thing with goal setting. What's the reason for the goal? What's the why behind it?

If the why isn't strong enough, as in this case, mine was not, you will not be able to push forward all the way to meet the goal.

So remember, goals need to be SMART!

Specific, measurable, achievale, realistic and time-based!


The true goal for this month is to work on the Healing with Heather Podcast. I can't wait to bring it to you!

~Certified Life Coach, Heather Larson