So...I was thinking about starting a Reiki practice again in Wichita

Does anyone remember when I used to offer Reiki sessions and lessons in Wichita at White Dove?

I had a business, You Deserve Reiki, which had this website. I used to have a booth at the Alternative & Holistic Fair in Park City, Kansas quite often as well.

But I got out of it for a variety of reasons. I didn’t have a reliable car to make it to sessions in a timely manner, or I had no car at all. Working in social work for 40 hours a week, which I no longer do, had me burnt out on helping others. I also was working a few years back on completing my 100-hour transformational life coaching certification at SWIHA — albeit online. Suffice to say…I was busy.

I decided to let the website go and shuttered the name itself, “You Deserve Reiki,” because I think I made my point:

You deserve it!

But unfortunately, I was attracting a lot of people therefore who actually didn’t feel they really deserved it…it became a sparse moment in their life, just a little Reiki here and there every few months.

Wait, you do reiki_.jpg

Yes, I do!

Are you interested? Fill out the form below.

So I paid Aunt Helen and Zandra a visit at White Dove today — yes, Dale was there, too! It seems no one has been doing Reiki at White Dove for a minute. My Reiki room is a storage unit as Dale has a pop-up shop at the Sunset Spiritualist Camp in Wells, Kansas currently.

So Reiki sessions and classes aren’t happening this minute, but…

Would you be interested in me bringing them back? Is there still enough interest in the intuitive and healing Reiki sessions I provide?

I am hearing there’s a ton of people offering Reiki around Wichita now?

Are you still interested in Reiki with me?

If there’s an interest, I’ll bring it back! Maybe one afternoon each week? Whatcha think? If you’re interested, leave a comment and/or fill out the form below.

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