Three Things Your Life Coach Can't Live Without

I'm a life coach and personal development junkie with a spiritual twist.

Wow! I'm the wordiest person alive but the above sentence describes me perfectly!

So what can't a life coach live without? Coffee, cat videos online, and a smart phone just like everyone else. But here's what else I'd be going through withdrawals over if I were cut off!

1. My Kindle Fire and Audible account + audio books

Audio books, where have you been all my life? I love Audible so much! I love the Ponzi Supernova podcast, which you can find on iTunes, I noticed. But Audible is a smorgasbord of personal development books! I've been listening to She Means Business by Carrie Green on my lunch breaks. I've gotten into Mel Robbins' 5 Second Rule. I've got a couple Louise Hay books, of course! My very favorite so far is Gabrielle Bernstein's The Universe Has Your Back. I can't wait to get into Ta-Nehisi Coates! Then I got so into The Handmaid's Tale, I had to get a Hulu subscription to watch the show too. If you're a personal development and self-help junkie like me, Audible is a must at around $15/month.

2. The Morning Coach Podcast

I've listened to JB Glossinger for a decade on his Morning Coach podcast. Incidentally, that's how long he's had it going. He re-launched it this year making it a seven-day-a-week release. It's the first thing I do each morning! I feed my cats, put on the coffee and listen to JB! It's the best way to start my day. Yes -- I do it 7 days a week. I love having a supercharge of positive energy to jolt me awake. I also keep a waking/sleeping schedule 7 days a week. So I'm up around 5 or 6am listening to it. I have no idea what time he posts it, but it's there when I'm awake at 5am CDT. Consistency is key! Hats off to JB for providing it. Download the Morning Coach app to listen for free.

Two things I can't live without! My LOA Planner and my Audible account loaded with personal development books!

Two things I can't live without! My LOA Planner and my Audible account loaded with personal development books!

3. My Law of Attraction Planner

This is a huge thing for me. I am so persnickety about it too! In 2016, I got into my Passion Planner and that's one I like.

For 2017, I decided to go with the Law of Attraction planner. I bought two. One is a weekly/monthly pre-dated for this entire year. The other is a 30-day planner that's more of a visioning/manifesting exercise. I love both!

I've been a longtime fan of anything to do with LOA, vision boarding and manifesting. The fact that the LOA planners put this into a weekly and monthly format rocks my world. At the end of each month I look back and chart progress, failures, and my emotional patterns. Each month I also look at my Wheel of Balance tool in the planner -- it's a life coaching tool that just happens to be in the planner already!

I'm big on creating my own challenges and charting my progress with them. This planner helps me do that automatically. It's also less expensive than the Passion Planner.

Honorable Mentions

Obviously I could list things all day long that, "I can't live without." But these are my top three. Honorable mentions include Apple Music, podcasts, Perfectly Posh Healer stick, Reiki, A Course In Miracles, headphones, yoga, highlighters, aromatherapy and my Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock (I'm serious about having an established waking/sleeping schedule!)

What are your "can't live without" items for self-help, personal development, and/or organization?

Tell me in the comments!

~Heather Larson, Certified Life Coach